The Sea-Wolf 5 - ROV

The Sea-Wolf 5 is the most versatile ROV its size, available in its standard 4 thruster configuration or the newly available vectored 6 thruster configuration, precision designed to maximise its maneuverability.  Variable payload capacity is possible using a new modular floatation system.  This system makes it easier than ever to add additional equipment by allowing easy attachment of additional floatation.
The Sea-Wolf 5 isn't just one of the easiest ROVs on the market to fly it will actually fly itself.  The combination of Shark Marine's "Total Navigation System" (TNS) and "DiveLog" software, guide the Sea-Wolf 5 along 3D survey routes, directly out to known locations, along a route of selected way-points and even allow it to "hold station" at a selected position, allowing the operator to focus his attention on the data being collected.