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Marine scientific research usually refers to study marine natural phenomenon change rule and its interactions with atmosphere Lithosphere, biosphere, also the development and utilization of marine related knowledge. Below is a simple classification of the marine scientific research according to our business fields.
  Classifications Operations Corresponding products
1 Marine chemistry sampling ROV
analysis Multi-parameter sensor
2 Marine geology Geological survey Sub-bottom profiler, multi-beam echo sounder, side scan sonar
Coastal mapping High precision DGPS, USBL
3 Marine dynamic Ocean current ADCP
Underwater video Underwater camera, ROV
4 Marine remote sensing Sea area dynamic monitoring UAV, Optical-electronic platform
Location and correction GPS, Beidou 2 generation
5 The national offshore marine ecological monitoring and surveillance Monitoring system Infrared camera, waterproof camera, image enhancer
Transmission system Wireless data communication, optical transmission, IPV6 data terminal
6 Red tides monitoring and surveillance Sampling and analysis ROV, Multi-parameter sensor
7 Drain outlet monitoring Sampling and analysis ROV, Multi-parameter sensor, ADCP