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Dam Detecting

At present, many dams were built in 1950’s and 1960’s and the engineering is more likely to be damaged, especially small and medium-sized reservoirs. They universal exist lots of problems, such as design standard is low, construction quality is not good, equipment aging damage and so on. All these potential security risks will seriously affect the social and economic development and people’s life and property safety.
The newly built dams usually with a height over one hundred meters, in order to ensure the gate of flood releasing structure up and down smoothly, we need to do a detailed inspection of the floodgate to get intuitive and clear image. Besides, it’s also important to inspect the dam body and the bottom geologic structure. So we need to do all-round reinforcement and technical transformation, the dam inspection should be done at first.

  operations Corresponding products
1 Dam crack inspection ROV, BlueView P900 sonar, underwater camera, laser-scalling
2 Dam body deformation inspection ROV, BlueView P900 sonar, underwater camera, image enhancer
3 Bridge pier inspection Underwater navigator, underwater camera
4 Trash rack ROV, sub-bottom profiler, underwater Camera
5 Washout and leak inspection Imaging sonar, underwater camera, laser-scalling
6 Spillway ROV, underwater navigator, underwater camera
7 Bottom deposition inspection Multibeam sonar, side scan sonar, DGPS, sub-bottom profiler
8 Water quality analysis Multi-parameter sensor
9 Temperature monitoring CTD
10 Flow volume and velocity monitoring ADCP