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Rescue and salvage at sea involves a variety of different fields, so it’s an extremely complex project. Below is a simple classification according to our business fields.
  Classifications Operations Corresponding products
1 Accident location and report Accident location High precision DGPS, Beidou, beacon
Cooperative positioning, position determine NaviPac software
2 Search and positioning Seabed search work Multibeam echosounder, side scan sonar, forward looking sonar, underwater navigator
Underwater positioning High precision DGPS, USBL
3 Survey and inspection Video Opto-electronic platform
Underwater video Underwater camera, ROV
4 Salvage Rescue and salvage ROV, manipulator, cutter tools
5 Marine environment Flow volume and velocity monitoring ADCP
Wind, wave, surge Wave gauge and wave radar
6 Service vessels Distribution and localization NaviPac software
Multi-ship cooperation NaviPac software, USV